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It is pretty common that we as adults often fear water- aquaphobic. Although water does not do much harm, it is there that many adults have aquaphobia. When it comes to children, they are either the most fearless creatures or afraid of water. Unfortunately, there is no middle way. Toddlers either crawl towards big swimming pools or fear small water tubs. However, bathing is essential either way to maintain hygiene.  

Bathing babies, especially newborns and toddlers who like to be on their own, can be a challenging job. Bathing tubs, chairs can ease the job to some extent. But the real question is to find reliable bathing tubs and chairs for babies. 

Although plenty of options are available online. Even there are review websites that offer product reviews to help the readers identify and choose the best for their babies. 

However, these websites do not provide genuine features or miss out on the actual pros and cons of the products. This is either due to their participation in the advertisement campaign of the manufacturers or lack of adequate research and interaction with the product. 

To fill the gap of accessible, transparent, and genuine product reviews by experts, we developed MummyKids. This website hosts hundreds of expert reviews on all the babies-related stuff such as bathing, baby toys, accessories, and much more. 

Our team reviews the products from the categories mentioned above. After using the products and evaluating their mentioned features it writes review articles to identify the true features. Afterward, following the publishing guidelines, these expert-written product reviews are posted. 

Furthermore, MummyKids also ensures a stress-free online buying experience by directing its readers to the online marketplace for making the purchase. 

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