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About Us

MummyKids is a product review website to offer transparent and authentic product reviews on a range of products. We know, people often struggle with online shopping. Whether it is for adults, kids, or the mothers themselves. It requires an equal amount of contemplation due to the plenty of options available. 

Ordering stuff from online marketplaces is not as easy and fun as it seems. Because we tend to pay for the value and quality of the product. However, many times the quality of the product often appears to be compromised. If not the quality, folks often get displeased with the difference of features they see online and what they get.

The best possible way to overcome this nuisance is to read the product review articles before buying products from online marketplaces. 

Although, one may go through hundreds of customer or expert reviews scattered over several platforms. But the legitimacy of the reviews and the product details discussed in such reviews are often questioned. Therefore, having a product review platform address these issues was necessary. 

That is why MymmyKids, a review website with expert review articles, has been developed. 

MummyKids vows to offer authentic, transparent, and reliable reviews on products that belong to babies. So be it a bathing tub or a bed with rails for your toddler, review articles on all such items are present at MummyKids. 

Review Article Categories 

The product reviews at MummyKids cover the product in the following categories;

  • Baby Accessories
  • Bathing
  • Baby Toys
  • Feeding and Nursing
  • Baby Gear

The products in the categories mentioned above are the most vital for babies and their mothers. Because ultimately, mothers or caregivers are the ones who get to decide on buying these products. Swings, crib mattresses, strollers, bathtubs, toys, or food makers all make the mother’s job easier. 

Content of the Review Articles

The review articles posted on MummyKids encapsulate all the necessary details of the product. These details usually span the key features and specifications of the product. However, the review articles intend to develop highly knowledgeable content to help the readers with their online buying experience.

The articles follow the following structure;

  • Introduction
  • Product list (Products to be reviewed)
  • Individual product
    • Features
    • Specifications
    • Pros and Cons
  • Buying Guide
  • Conclusion

Reviewing Products: Working Mechanism

MummyKids works with a highly professional team. To draft a review, the team first interacts with the individual product. It is very unlikely that we get free-of-cost products from manufacturers or companies. 

MummyKids maintains its merchandise, purchased with private finance. 

The team uses the product, comes up with their evaluation, and an in-depth examination of the product’s features. In addition to this, they also present the product’s performance, tangible and intangible advantages, and disadvantages. All of which is afterward put together to compose a review article.

Not only this, before posting review articles on to the website, the team ensures fulfillment of all publishing guidelines. That includes proofread and multiple cross-check sessions. All the efforts aim at assuring unbiased, genuine, and dependable reviews. 

The team

MummyKids works with a team of developers, expert writers, and designers. All work towards achieving a single goal that is to generate quality review articles for our readers.

The review articles that MummyKids hosts do not belong to any manufacturer, brand, or company. They are composed solely to enhance a satisfying online shopping experience. The review articles aiming at increasing the potential customer’s knowledge about the product they intend to buy. We do not write any review article to comply with the advertising plan of manufacturers or companies on our website. 

MummyKids generates revenue from the readers who read the review articles and decide to buy that particular product using the buy button provided. The buy button directs the reader to the online marketplace selling that product. This saves the reader from the considerable fret of finding the place to order the product from.

MummyKids is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate Program, which allows the websites to earn commission from the website visitors buying the product through the buy button at the website. 

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